Image,Owl - Casual
Image,Owl - Casual
  • Image,Owl - Casual
  • Image,Owl - Casual

Owl - Casual

Owls are wide, they are also cunning, dont take your eyes off them !

In his action pose, hes ready to pounce on the nearest mole, rabbit or field mouse - and he wont be opposed to plucking out attackers eye with his massive claws.

When in his casual sleeping pose he looks like one of the cutest animals possible.

  • £ 2.99

Each model from Mia May can be purchased in a variety of options;


With these models being so detailed, they are printed by default in RESIN and not Filament.

1) Pick your model size - Minature or Double Sized,

2) Select the Resin colour you would like your model printing in,

3) Select your Base type - No base, Plain base, Detailed base.


Models are approx 28mm-40mm in Minature print,

Double sized models are twice as tall, twice as wide and better detail,

All models are available as either Causal or Action

Each model from Mia May can be printer either with supports or without them.

We will always pick the best printer, the best print resolution and the best option (either with or without supports) that we feel enchanced the model to its fullest.


Provides more stability when printing your model
Provides safer shipping of your model


Your model may require removal of supports, some small sanding in parts.
If you are going to paint your model, we would recommend you paint the model entirely in the main colour of your choice and then paint the hightlights in differnt colours as required - this will make your model stand out.

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