3D Printed War Machines

The Proxigenator has risen from masses and used his mechanical skills to begin producing great titanic machines, some for betterment, most for destructive purposes.

The aim of this rogue element....TO WIN.

No longer will the Proxigenator be lost to the histories, now is the time and his new pack of War-frogs are the key to the gates.

Trewell Common - Coming Soon ...

We have created a 3D printable village for table top gaming themed around the traditional architecture of East Anglia.

The models are suitable for Dungeons and Dragons among other fantasy and historical games. Designed for 28mm gaming.

Hidden away in the Norfolk countryside was Trewell common. It doesn't exist anymore, but it did before. It consisted of approximately a dozen acres of medium quality farmland that the members of the parish were allowed to inhabit and farm for free.

Before the enclosures acts of the 1820s, there were many such areas of 'common land' across the UK, that while under manorial control, was not their prime land and was gifted to the populace. The enclosures act was the beginning of the end of the traditional rural life of pre-industrial Britain and saw the start of the transfer of workers from the land to the city's and factories.