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Print A Toons - 3D Printed Kits

We here are Print A Toonslove the fact the we spend all day every day printing 3d items, be they the 3D Print kits or other 3D items that we resell throughout the globe.

Our current stock pile of 3D Printers range from small printers such as the Shilouette ALTA to top of the range - world leading Original Prusa Printers. We also use some more specialised 3D Printers, these include the likes of Geeetech Dual / Tripple colour printers to that of the newest TENLOG independant dual colour 3D Printers.

With over a dozen or so printers working 24/7 and comprehensive knowledge of each printer, we use the best printer for each print.

The Range

We are pleased to dedicated this website to resell of our 3D Printed Kits, our initail rang is that of the Print A Toons characters designed by Neil and sold under licence.

Over the coming months we will be adding more ranges to our websites, these include Carry case Citys and 3D Printed Chess Sets. If Neil, releases any other Characters both in the Print A Toons range or any other ranges for that matter we will be glad to add them to our website.

The Kits

Before we resell any kits, we will not only find the best printer for printing the kit but also actually get staff her to build the kits many times over, to ensure that the kit hits the mark !

We include a very quick and simple How to Guide with each and every 3D Printed kit we sell, this shows you exactly what parts you should have, and whats the best order in which to create your very own Print A Toons character.

Wholesale Outlets

Most of our 3D Printed kits have a suggested retail price of £19.99, if you would like to wholesale these kits (sell them in your shop for example) please gert in touch with us either by email info@printatoons.co.uk or ring us on +44 (0) 151 909 5128

If we can be of any further help, or if you have a range of 3D Printed kits you would like us to look at for resell purposes, give us a shout - above all though - have fun with 3D Printed Kits.

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