Image,CN Blind01 Decor 3 - End Connector
  • Image,CN Blind01 Decor 3 - End Connector

CN Blind01 Decor 3 - End Connector

 NOTE: The model is printed in a single colour, you will need to paint the model if you wish to highlight the decor.

  • £ 1.99

We only use the very best 3D Printers, we use Prusia Originals, Geeetech, Ender 5Pros, MonoPrice, Anycubic, FLSUN Pros, and many more.

Printing in Filament allows us to print in many different types of colour, including specialest filaments such as GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, MARBLE or even SILK filaments.

We take great pride in the models we print, before we list any new range of models we will print out most of the range to ensure that the models print ok, are up to our standards and worthy of being online.

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