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Hex 2-2


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Printing in FILAMENT is not only cheaper but also allows you to print in a massive range of colours.

Some 20 or so colours and specailst filaments are available - gold, copper, bronze, silver and even marble.

So if you dont want to paint your model or fancy it in a really nice colour then the Filament version is best.



Models printed in filament are no where near as heavy as that of RESIN printed models.

We use the very latest in 3D Printing methods and have a vaste range of 3D printers to choose from, we will always pick the best printer for the model you have ordered. Prior to adding any models to our site, we actually print the models out on numberious settings and printers to ensure we can provide the very best quality. 

Any models that are printed with supports may retquire a little triming before painting.

Models printed in RESIN are printed as a single piece.

These are usually better detailed than that of their FILAMENT counterparts and they are considerably heaver.

When printing with a RESIN printer, supports are required as the model is printed upside down. Without supports the model would otherwise fall off the printing plate.

After printing your model we will trim off the supports and then place the model in a cleaning machine. Once cleaned we will place the model into a curing machine to cure the model. Curing the model is required as it would otherwise remain slimy and sticky forever.

You can have your model printed in one of eight colours.

NOTE (Before Painting)

You may want to sand your model if any support points remain visible.

If you want to paint your model, we would suggest that you get your model printed in grey resin and then use that as a primer for other colours to be applied on top.

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