Its a kit like you've never seen before (Ruby Rubics).

Each kit we offer has been individually printed using our own cutting edge 3D Printers. We use a wide range of 3D Printers to ensure that we offer the very best possible 3D printed kits.

With a little trimming, care, love and attention you can build your very own 3D Printed Kit.

Whats Included

Each kit comes with a deatiled parts list and a comprehensive How to Guide.

If you look at the above images, the parts lists will show you all the pieces required. These are usually laid out in groups of colours.

The 'How to Guide' will provide you details of the steps you need to take to turn all the pieces into your amazing model.

The 'Build Order' is the recommended order in which you build your 3D Printed Kit. Before you begin to build your kit you should follow these
generic rules;

  • * Check you have all the pieces in the picture
  • * Check & trim each piece if required before starting
  • * Gently try fitting the pieces together without glue

  • * Make sure you use a glue with a fine tip for better results

  • Above all, enjoy making the kit, enjoy your 3D Printed Kit.


These kits are not for children, these are intended as adult kits as such if a minor is making the kit it is the adults repsonsibility to ensure supervision whilst any minor is using knifes, superglue and any other items that may cause injury. We can not be held liable for any injury caused to either minor or adult.


Click on the right hand image to view the full How to Guide to view the entire set of build instructions for Ruby Rubics