Printing the pices for the Print A Toons kits.

Most people think that printing with 3D printers is as simple as click the print button. Oh how wrong you all are, each 3D Printer has it's own good and bad points. Some parts print better on the smaller printers whilst other need dual colour 3D printers as the parts need two colours.

We use a wide range of 3D printers, Geeetech A20M's (dual colours), Silhouette Alta's, FLSUN QQ-S Pro's, Prusa i3 mk3's.

And we won't stop their, we are constantly tring newer models, trying newer methods and have even setup a webwatch beta service, allowing peoples to watch their models being built.

Of course what people dont realise is that it can take 6/7 hours to print some parts !

We have printed and built everyone of our kits, so we know how good they are ;)